Starlink is finally useful aboard

Have you been to Desolation Sound before? Cellular coverage is extremely spotty. If you plan to cruise there you need to be comfortable with no cell coverage for periods of time, or plan your agenda around those locations that do have service. And if you’re looking farther north, the Broughtons for example have extremely scarce cell coverage.

Hi there. We have leased a slip at Shilshole Bay also. I just went on and it says that it may not be available for that address until 2023. Did you have this issue or was there way around it? Should I just pay the deposit of $99 and wait to see what they say?

Our Starlink has more than proven itself now and is an abolutely outstanding remote communications device. Here are a couple of shots from remote British Columbia today where there is absolutely no Cellphone coverage and very limited VHF due to the mountains and fiords etc. Starlink not only provides a solid 150+MB/SEC connection at anchor here which is astonishing for a start, but it also provides a comms hub for another boat about 100yards away (2 bars wifi signal strength) such that they could watch paramount +! I wnet ashore in the dinghy this morning, also had two bars, sent 8 high res photos back to my wife on the boat. Using Tmobile, wifi calling is also a breeze, and it works fine in the 100=150 yard radius from the boat, possibly more as I have not tested it further yet. In summary…Amazing performance. Our window pilot house likely helps and the starlink router is on the dining table so is about 6-7 feet above the water line. Cheers Kiwi