2023 Trip Highlights and Stats

This year was pretty amazing for trips and experiences on Kaos. Tons of anchorages, spectacular views, and all with close friends.

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Looks a fun year, Steve! Long ago (early 90’s) we chartered up in that area and loved everything except the fog (pre-GPS and charter boats don’t have radar!) and the water temp (no swimming!). Your excellent pictures brought back some fond memories :slight_smile:


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Nice looking Krogen 54. :+1:

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There are a few places you can swim in relatively warmer water, but only in the summer, and usually up in Canada in some of the inlets where the fresh water is coming down on top of the salt water and heats up faster.

I grew up locally in Puget Sound and we used to swim in it all the time, but it is usually around 52F / 11C which is a bit cold for me now :slight_smile:

That it is! One of my favorite designs of all time - the benefits of a trawler with some sail added in.

Yes, it seems like the older one gets, the lower the tolerance for cold :slight_smile:

We just got back from the Bahamas - perhaps for the last time, unless the weather improves! All & sundry (including natives) said this was the worst weather year is more than 30.

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The view still looks amazing!