Capsule dishwasher

Washing dishes isn't as sexy as new marine electronics, but when you find a good solution to make your life easier, it's still a pretty good thing. I've tried a few different countertop dishwashers, and am pleasantly surprised with the Loch Capsule.

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Looks like a good thing, Steve. Let me begin the snarky responses with a picture of the much-maligned dishwasher on ATSA:



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We have had this unit for over 6 months now… purchased based on recommendation from friends who used, including on an Atlantic crossing. I know many will consider it an unnecessary or excessive, but it is exceptionally more efficient with water than we are washing by hand, and it makes doing the dishes far less time consuming and taxing. I get to spend time doing other things, like more boat projects :rofl:

Looks slick!

What about power utilization? I assume it is 120V. Do you run it off the inverter when away from shore power? Is it heating the water? Must be a pretty big draw. Or, does it require the generator?

Regards, Frank

I don’t think I got this across enough in my article - thanks for reiterating that! Filling a whole sink to do dishes once a day, sometimes twice, is a lot of water compared to what this thing uses.

It is 120V AC, and I use it on the inverter. The specs say it uses about 950W of power, but I’ve not seen it go quite that high. It is heating the water, but if you use the 15 minute cycle, it’s not for that long, and definitely not for the whole 15 minute cycle. You can see more specs here if you’re curious.

Did you consider mounting it below counter height - semi built-in? I guess the drain would be the issue.

That was a longer term plan until we decided to sell Kaos. We have been looking at completely re-working the galley for a while, and either getting this unit under counter or something more was in the plans.

Do you know if the drain has pump action or is just gravity?

It definitely has a pump but it isn’t massively powerful. I have my discharge pipe all stretched out and it still comes out with some force. I don’t know how far you could take it, though.

Our buddy boat and us both got these over the winter and installed them in April when we got back up to our boats. We’ve been loving this every day since then. We happened to have an utterly perfect spot to install it, replacing an awkwardly-shaped wine fridge from the factory with the Loch unit within a millimeter on width, and fitting perfectly on length, with room to run water and drain hoses behind it. Less water than doing it by hand, better cleaning, and way less hassle.

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