Chasing M2 underwater ROV review

I've had a few ROVs in the last 5+ years and have really enjoyed being able to see what is below the surface. After a couple of failed systems that required more work than enjoyment, I've found the Chasing M2 ROV.

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If it wasn’t obvious by my other notes in this article, I do not recommend this product at all anymore. Here are a list of the issues that have happened since I wrote the article:

  • While in the case, the unit powered on and turned on the high intensity dive lights. Those lights are supposed to remain submerged in water when on, and as a result, they melted and are no longer usable.

  • The unit now powers on fully every time the battery is installed, regardless of whether you command it off. This is a hazard, so I’ve had to store the battery separately.

  • Support has been difficult to contact, and has requested videos proving these issues, only to say they can’t see the issue or avoiding repairing the unit.

Hi, Steve

I'm an engineer from chasing. I'm really sorry for the bad experience brought to you by some product problems.

As for the image problem, could you please provide some DNG and JPEG data and MP4 video, we will improve the camera effect for these problems.
We are very grateful and hope that you put forward the problem of the product, and we will make improvement according to the problem.
My email is, we look forward to your reply.

Thanks for the feedback and info.

Unfortunately I can’t power up the unit reliably to even provide examples. I would love to hear from someone in support as to replacing the broken LED lights, faulty battery/control board, and the other issues with the unit.

I’ve tried to get support for months, but either get no response, or am asked to send videos or files that I can’t send because the unit won’t power on.

I don’t have your email address. Could you please reply your question to

Hi Steve,

Thanks for this invaluable article. How has your experience of the M2 and Chasing’s support been since November? I’m considering purchasing an M2 myself in their 6th Anniversary sale, but I’m apprehensive following your issues with their support.

Thanks again

I would not purchase another M2 or any other product from Chasing. I’ve never been able to get mine repaired. It has been sitting in a storage unit for months. It was one of the worst investments in the last 3-4 years in terms of technology and reliability.