Fresh water system improvements

In the last couple of months, I've made some improvements to my fresh water system in a number of areas. It started with the toilet, and progressed into filtering, pumping, and the shower itself.

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Hi Again Steve,

Following up from my query of last year - I understand the pump will run for 1:30 then shut down without water - that’s actually plenty of time for us to swap tanks, assuming it will suck air at about the same rate as our current wobble-type pump. I’ll be checking these out because I think our bladder tank is rusting out, and replacing it is becoming annoying :slight_smile:

On another note, we installed the smaller version of the water filter you put in - one filter, and the smaller 10" X 2" filters. I changed ours out twice this past summer, and they really do catch a lot of dust and debris. I’ve been using the cheap “carbon” filters, which have a thin layer of carbon granules over a paper/plastic element - what surprised me was how good they worked on some pretty heavily-chlorinated dock water we had to load this summer. I had tested it straight from the hose and though “yechh - but we don’t have a choice” - but when we switched to that tank, the taste was gone!
I know there are better carbon-block filters - we have one in our “Dockwater filter” we bought for Mexico - but for this application, the cheap ones have worked great.


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Just ordered Marco pump. I notice you put filters on pressure side of pump. Any reason they can’t be installed between tank and pump (suction side)? Much easier for maintenance for me. Also have expansion tank already rigged. Any reason not to use? Many thanks. Bruce

I’ve hardly ever seen a setup where the filters are before the pump. I think it must have to do with the way the pumps are built or recommended to be installed.

I’ve used Marco pumps with and without expansion tanks, and as long as the pressure is in the same range or matched, you should have no issues, and likely get a longer life out of the pump with less noise.

Thanks Steve. You prompted me to look up on internet where I found about even reasoning to one way or the other. Since my tank level will always be higher than the pump level I’m going to try before pump. Much easier for me to change filters as required. I’m going to Install the clear big blue housings to easily check filter condition. My pump location on my 42 OA is outboard of the starboard engine and accessed through the salon seating. A real difficult task space for me to work in. I’ll let you know how it works.

Ah I know that space very well, and it is not that easy to get to! Good luck!