Integration with the onboard computers in my wake boat

Hello all I am very new to this stuff. Hopefully I am on the correct track? I have a 2012 Malibu Wakesetter LSV. The touch screen went bad on the boat. New touch screen is around 4 grand and they are somewhat notorious for delamination. So I though what if I came up with my own screen and was able to tap into the onboard control of the boat to turn on and off lights, set the wedge, start the boat, fill the ballast tanks, radio and so on. If I can figure out how to do that it would be fantastic if I could add things like added ballast tanks and other surf gates that my boat did not come with. I have the Pi computer on it’s way and the NEMA interface hat also on it’s way. Just not sure what is my first step with the software side of all this. Any help would be amazing to get me started as I work my way through this hopefully fun project.

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I guess the first obvious question would be to find out whether the various devices you want to control are on a NMEA 2000 network? Or some other standard network that you could tap into? Lots of folks run Signal K on the Pi to interface with NMEA 2000 and other networks. I’d probably start there.