Kaos initial internet setup

I've had Kaos for almost 2 months now, and have developed my initial internet setup. This is similar to posts I've done for previous years and boats, and is just a point in time - I'm always constantly tweaking my setup and making modifications to get slightly better performance and range.

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Awesome write up Steve. Super impressive setup, but have to cringe at the $7k router. I’m using the single modem BR1 Pro ($1500) with a 40G antenna ($600) and getting very good 5G connection and network throughput numbers on par with your speed measures. Not saying the MBX Mini isn’t totally awesome, but definitely on the “Price is no object” scale.

Thanks again - K.

The BR1 Pro 5G is an excellent router, but I wanted dual 5G radios at least, and two WAN ports, one for a dome, and one for a future satellite system. Unfortunately there are no other solutions than to jump right to the MBX Mini right now…


How would you change this setup, if at all, for a sailboat?



Sigh - I registered but then couldn’t’ make the webinar (gasp, work). Any chance there is a recording?

It would really depend on the size of the sailboat and space. In my setup, I have 5 antennas plus a dome which are all on a big arch on the back of the boat. Sailboats don’t typically have this much space or enough separation space for antennas. That might mean just using less antennas, or it might mean a totally different approach with HD1 domes alone.

It was recorded, and as soon as Peplink publishes the recording I will post it here and in the original article.

Here is the video of the webinar - I’m also going to add it to the original article. Thanks for those that participated and asked questions!