MikroTik Groove step-by-step setup guide

The MikroTik Groove is a fantastic product to use as a marine WiFi booster. However, it is not the simplest device to configure. This guide covers setting up and configuring the Groove for initial use, and some additional recommendations.

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Hi Steve,

I’ve not commented here in a while. The new comments system seems slick. I have an update on the T-Mobile 100Gb for $50 plan, and a question on the MiktroTik:

I recently returned to the US with the boat, and after consulting seabits.com I called and ordered the T-Mobile 100Gb for $50 plan. I used the T-Mobile website compatibility checker to make sure the EMEI of my older generation Peplink Max Transit was compatible. It said it was.

On receiving the card I could not get it working. 3 hours on the phone with T-Mobile got me to their 2nd tier tech support, and the guy told me the plan was limited to T-Mobile’s 5G hotspot device, and a few select T-Mobile locked handhelds and iPads. No Peplink.

So I downgraded to the 4G LTE version which is 50Gb for $50. Asking why, he said they are trying to promote their 5G devices, and that plan is specific to 5G and the supported T-Mobile devices.

Hope that helps some of your other readers.

A question I have: I recently replaced my MikroTik Groove as the old one (which worked well) started playing up. Got the new one installed and up and running with the help of your article. Thanks for that. I also used your website link to make the purchase, hoping it will earn you a few cents.

I noted however that on setting it up, I only had USA as a country option. I then read that there is a US (locked) and international (unlocked version). Rechecking the listing, it’s not clear whether the one I purchased is locked or unlocked. Comments on that listing on Amazon are also conflicting. Do you know what the deal is?



That’s very interesting. I’ve not heard of this happening before. Any of the hotspot plans that are meant for those sorts of devices, at least new ones in the last year plus, have worked on just about any device as long as it is not brand new, and even then, the new devices get added pretty quickly.

Some of the tablet or hotspot plans issued on existing accounts or tied to Magenta or older plans won’t work on Peplink stuff. You have to have the newer hotspot plans, and in many cases, pre-paid is safer.

This has been an issue for a long while with MikroTik products. There are locked/unlocked versions of many of them, including the Groove. Many people wanted the unlocked versions because there were more options for power and control, but many US resellers were having issues getting them, or simply wouldn’t sell them to folks in the US. What the country designation does is unlock/lock certain bands for WiFi, so it can be useful if traveling abroad.

Generally speaking, buying MikroTik from Amazon is going to be a crap shoot. I’ve done it many times and have actually gotten wrong versions and DoA products. Buying from MikroTik resellers like Streakwave or Baltic Networks usually is a better idea if you’re looking for a very specific model.