Peplink Maritime Antennas

Peplink came out with the Maritime series of antennas in the tail end of 2021. This was the first real competition that Poynting, my favorite antenna vendor for a number of years, has had in this space, and I was eager to get them up and running.

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Thanks for another great detailed review/description of these LTE/5G/WiFi MIMO omni antennas.

I’m curious if you ever have use cases for WiFI-only MIMO antennas? If so, have you ever looked at these?


Not really in the boating world. For installations and systems I’ve worked on for marinas or other land-based setups, I’ve used antennas from a number of vendors including Ubiquiti/UniFi and others that are dual or single frequencies and other similar configs to the one you linked.

I’m considering adding a 40G for cellular and a 20G for wifi-as-WAN. I’ve noticed you have yours mounted on the radar arch. Mine will likely be ahead of the radar, on either side of the flybridge Bimini. Any concerns with these antennas wrt placement ahead of the radar dome?

As long as they’re not super close to the radar, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue. The other thing I always think about is that while underway, you might not be getting the best signal anyhow because you’re moving. If the radar degrades it a bit more, that’s probably not the end of the world, but they shouldn’t conflict too much.

Hi Steve,

Love this review and the review you did on the Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G (which we have bought). We own a 56 Catamaran and looking to max out the range our 80’ mast can offer us. The only thing at the top now is our VHF/AIS antenna (which often gets AIS targets on our Vesper Cortex at 40 miles).

Anyhow my question is will it be worth it to add 100’ of cable to get the 40g to the top of the mast vs the loss of that run? We could instead mount it on our spreaders at 60, 40, or 20’ above our waterline as well (but assume that would also bring in pretty good interference from our mast too).

We’re using Starlink now as well with great success, and getting ready to move it over to 12v power and take out the included router… but we have a feeling it will be a long time before Starlink cuts a deal in the Bahamas, and we need to have a working alternative ready at all times.



I never exceed 30 feet with cellular cable because of the loss associated with it. If you look at the antenna performance information, you’ll see only 1-2dB in some frequency ranges, and anything longer than 30 feet would eat into that. If you have connectors or joints/splices, those affect things even more.

Based on the length you’re talking about, you’d need extremely thick cabling, and even then, I think you’d still negate most of the benefits by the length of the cable.

I’d stick with something that is less than 30’ of overall cable.