Rendezvous is for sale!

You read that right! After 3+ years of wonderful memories and amazing projects, I've decided to move on to a bigger boat with features that match my cruising style a bit more.

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Congrats on the new boat, looking forward to the reveal

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Thanks @Jake_Brownson. I’m very excited, and can’t wait to share the details :grinning:

A long, long way from Grace! I look forward to hearing about the new boat. And btw, thanks for all the work you do…I hope you manage to get some renumeration for the amount of time and effort you put into the site.


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It is quite a bit different than all of the sailboats from the last 15 years or so!

Congratulations! My guess is a Tollycraft 61’.

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Good guess, but no! I do have two friends who just bought 57 wide body Tollycraft which are absolutely amazing. They helped push the decision along that a bigger boat was in my future!

Sounds like the specs for an FPB. Lots of YT videos.

Thought I would mention here that Rendezvous sold about a week ago, and went off to her new owners! Super happy that a loving family will be enjoying and taking care of her going forwards!