Supercharged Victron displays & push alerts

Victron has great visibility with their GX series of products, but there's an open source product that makes it even better. And recently Victron have updated their systems so you can get push alerts.

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One thing Steve didn’t mention in here that’s an even more awesome ability of the guimods framework – inline tank and temperature monitors from that main dashboard!

(Ignore that we’re out of fresh water – we got pumped out and emptied the fresh water tanks while we are away from the boat for a bit, so I’m pulling this up remotely over the VRM remote console. :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for posting your screens and adding the details about tanks and temperatures. I have those elsewhere and like they way they are displayed, but I know of a number of folks including @deregtd who like having all of this data on one screen. Keep packing it in!

Great article. Does this mean there is a way to get data from Smart Lithium batteries through the VRM? I get more data on my battery stats thru the Bluetooth interface than I do thru my Cerbo / VRM interface. I have wanted to be able to see battery temp and cell voltage data on the VRM. And my boat is 800 miles away, well beyond Bluetooth range.

This looks super useful! Where is the data for tank levels coming from though? I don’t remember that being part of the system but perhaps you just focused on the lifepo4 aspects in the recent article. Looking for a reliable holding tank monitor solution and would be neat if it integrated with this UX and the rest of the Victron data perhaps.

Mike, the Cerbo has inputs for up to four resistive tank sensors on its own, and you can add tank sensors of other kinds by using Victron’s GX Tank 140 sensor box, which connects to the Cerbo (or other Venus OS device using USB. A good article about it on Panbo recently: Tank monitoring with Victron GX Tank 140, accuracy matters - Panbo

S/V Atsa

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Great article. I got the updated display without any issues. At some point, I would like the graphic to be able to show the Wakespeed500/Alternator as a tile. Not sure if that can be done. (My other Victron wish is to be able to prioritize PV charging over shore power when it is available and appropriate. Certainly not germane to this thread)
Thanks again…

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With the Wakespeed integration into the Lynx BMS, I wonder if it isn’t something that could be done, although it would require the Lynx I would imagine. I have both, although I’m not using the Wakespeed right now. Something to add to the list of stuff to test…