Teltonika RUTX11 LTE router

If you're looking for a fast, inexpensive single LTE radio router with an excellent user interface, the Teltonika RUTX11 might be for you.

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Hi Steve,
We’ve been enjoying the RUTX11, which we bought some time ago based largely on your excellent review. I just came across an interesting antenna from Quspot that provides an integral IP67 housing for the RUTX11: QuSpot for Teltonika RUTX11. I wonder if you’ve had a look at this and if so, what your thoughts are.

I saw it when they released it, and it looks great for a marine setup where the router and antennas are outside. However, I’m surprised at the low gain numbers.

I haven’t tested it myself, but it still looks like an interesting setup!

I have tested a Poynting antenna that is similar - the EPNT-01 (EPNT-1 - Poynting Tech - Antenna Solutions, South Africa, USA & Europe) with a couple of different Peplink products and it works extremely well since everything is outside.