Using Starlink with Peplink

Starlink has changed connectivity aboard forever, and is amazing technology in its own right, but there are good reasons to consider combining it with other types of connectivity and routers to provide a more robust, usable solution.

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I’m looking to install the high performance flat dish on my new yacht (Maritimo M60). I don’t work on the boat and I’m looking for something to stream my Roku in places that have cellular congestion.

I plan to put Roku on each TV. How far will the Star Link router reach?

That’s a hard question to answer definitively. Boats aren’t like houses in that there are a lot more surfaces and materials that tend to mess with or block WiFi signals. It would depend on where the TVs are going to be located, and where the Starlink router is located.

Most boats around 60 feet or longer I have designed solutions for require two access points or WiFi routers for good coverage throughout the boat, especially further belowdecks.

Starlink does have a mesh product, which is essentially a second WiFi router that extends your range, but it is Starlink specific. I am not a big fan of using their equipment in general because of the lack of control and options. But it is an easy way to add more capacity.

So I’ve been experiencing an odd situation with my Starlink that I have connected via the ethernet adapter to my Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G that I’m hoping someone here can help me sort out.

For reasons unknown I can’t surf too or ping, but I can ping I can also both surf too and ping When I connect directly to my Starlink via the Starlink router I can access Google and do everything else as normal though. So my feeling is that there is something going on with my Pepwave but for the life of me I can’t figure out what that is.

If anyone has any ideas on this, or could help me troubleshoot it I would be eternally grateful. Thanks.