Victron + Wakespeed + Battle Born power system

Rendezvous came with a decent power system which I had hoped to use for a year before upgrading. However, performance and other problems cropped up in the first few months of using it, so I moved this project earlier in the list and jumped in. ?

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I’m setting up a similar Balmar + wakespeen system on my Volvo TAMD63p’s and am getting the battery alarm now because there isn’t a D+ connection. I haven’t installed the multiplus or new batteries yet though, still charging my old GC2’s.

There is a FAQ on Balmars website that uses automotive relays but not sure that will work with the non-Balmar regulators.

Is there a work around for the alarms?



I had a challenge with this on my Volvo TAMD61s on Rendezvous. I can’t seem to remember how I solved it, but it wasn’t as pretty as I wanted.

I think a relay would work regardless of the alternator…