What's on your boat server?

Servers are more common on boats today than ever before. Having some sort of system to run SignalK, a dedicated alerting system, or some other service has become just as integral as having a chart plotter or VHF radio. Here are my servers, and what they run.

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Old post, but I noticed that you have an IPG100 on your boat. Have you tried to connect a pi running signalk to the ethernet data from the ipg100? I cant seem to find any documentation that the ipg100 is supported but I’d like to add one if possible.

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I have not seen any support within Signal K for the IPG. I still use one for my Maretron N2Kview systems, but nothing beyond that. I can’t remember if I ever tried to do any packet dumps to figure out what the IPG was sending and if I could use it.